Declaration of dependence, not independence

Amazingly, facing the greatest economic recession since the Great Depression, President Obama chose to create a new entitlement program when we cannot afford the ones we already have. Republicans like to go on television and say we are borrowing from our children’s and grandchildren’s future. We can throw those talking points out; we are hurting ourselves now. You know we are in trouble when the German Finance Minister rebuffs President Obama and basically tells him to clean up his own mess before offering advice to others. Even the Europeans feel they have the moral high ground to tell us to tackle our own debt problems; that’s like the town drunk telling you that you have a drinking problem.

Opposition to Obamacare will escalate for one simple reason; Obamacare is the most unpopular when people are thinking about it. Then-Speaker Pelosi said they had to pass the 2,000 plus page bill so we could find out what is in it. The President promised it would become more popular the more people learned about it. Yet, there has never been one day a majority of the American people wanted this massive government overreach that was forced on us by a party-line vote.

The Supreme Court should have protected our constitutional freedoms, but remember, it was the President who forced this law on us. I congratulate the Supreme Court on one thing; they were far more honest about Obamacare than President Obama was.

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