Poll: Obama maintains likability edge on Romney

Gallup previously reported a big advantage for Obama when Americans were asked to choose whether Obama or Romney was more likable. The June 7-10 poll — which asked Americans to rate Obama and Romney separately on each characteristic — supports that conclusion, but finds that most Americans still perceive Romney as likable.

Overall, half of Americans believe both candidates are likable, with 28% ascribing this trait only to Obama and 12% only to Romney. Just 4% consider neither candidate likable.

Romney has been criticized by his opponents in recent years as being too quick to change his issues positions, particularly from more moderate positions while campaigning for the U.S. Senate and for governor in Massachusetts to more conservative positions while campaigning for president nationally. And 61% of Americans believe he changes his positions on issues for political reasons, nearly as many as perceive him to be likable. However, nearly the same percentage, 60%, say Obama changes his positions for political reasons, also among the most common perceptions about the president.

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