Sierra Club, AFSCME line up behind Charles Barron; Update: Not MoveOn

“Were Barron to be elected, he’d not only be the least pro-Israel member of Congress in history, but New York state would become the laughing stock of all 435 congressional districts,” said one prominent Jewish Democratic activist. “There’s too many things wrong with Barron’s candidacy to oppose him on just one thing, though his stance on Israel is reason enough.”…


Still, public union groups affiliated with AFSCME have pledged support for Barron, a move that came as a shock to many.

AFSCME spokesperson Chris Fleming did not respond to a request seeking comment on whether the organization also backed Barron.

The New York chapter of the environmental group Sierra Club also has thrown its support behind Barron.

The outcome of today’s election is unknown, experts say.

“There are not any clear indications as to the state of the race; House primaries, especially one where high turnout is not expected, are hard to accurately handicap,” said the Center for Politics’ Kondik, who noted that if Barron wins, Jeffries could run on a third party ticket.

Update (AP): WFB’s headline says MoveOn is supporting Barron too but the article contradicts that. I’ve changed my headline to reflect it.

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