Are small towns weirder than cities?

This, I suppose, is about as good an argument for the “no guardrails” theory as could be made. The theory essentially argues that the rich and elite can afford to live a bacchanalian existence. After all, they have the money and resources to survive an unplanned pregnancy, absence from work, etc. But it is the middle class — who take their cultural cues from the elites — who cannot afford such a lifestyle. At the micro level, this can be tragic. At the macro level, it perhaps explains why small towns and rural areas are now arguably more dangerous — and just plain weirder — than modern cities…

My parent’s weltanschauung was perhaps correct … prior to 1968, at least. Back then, people were fleeing the cities, leaving them to ruin. As late as the 1980s — before Rudy Giuliani — New York was crime-ridden and ungovernable. Today, a bit of a reverse phenomenon seems to be taking place. Many small communities experience an “out-migration” of ambitious young people, fleeing rural America for a new life in the city. If we’re not careful, we could end up with two Americas.

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