Politico's shrinking pains

3.) Politico’s traffic is down from last year, and it’s an election year

In a trend first noted by The Daily Caller, Politico’s traffic has fallen behind its rivals in 2012, and has yet to even meet it’s 2011 high-water mark.

“In the middle of an election year, with political junkies frothing, Politico’s traffic during the first five months of 2012 is down, from an average of 4.229 million unique visitors in 2011 to 4.165 million so far this year, according to the Internet marketing research firm comScore.”…

5.) Politico staffers were not pleased Politico accused The New York Times and Washington Post of liberal bias

On May 31, Politico argued in a report authored by Vandehei and Harris that The New York Times and The Washington Post were biased against Romney and in favor of Obama in their political coverage. “Some in the Politico newsroom weren’t happy with the piece. One staffer said it ‘went over extremely poorly’ with the rank-and-file and looked like top writers were simply ‘picking a fight unnecessarily’ with competitors.”

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