"Decorum and respect are extremely important to Dr. Paul"

His campaign and the GOP convention are working together to organize an official Paul rally in Tampa on the eve of the convention to help satisfy his fans’ demand that he get his due. On Wednesday, Mr. Paul told MSNBC he just wants recognition for his supporters and acknowledged that he doesn’t have enough delegates to “take over the convention,” which will be held on Aug. 27-30.

“Decorum and respect are extremely important to Dr. Paul,” said campaign chairman Jesse Benton. “He expects nothing less from all who support him.”…

Mr. Paul’s decision to play nice with Mr. Romney has already gotten him at least a few kind words. “Gov. Romney has a lot of respect for Dr. Paul and the energy his supporters bring to the process,” Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul said. That’s a notable contrast from 2008, when Mr. Paul opted to hold his own convention in Minneapolis as counterprogramming to the official convention in neighboring St. Paul. This year, both the GOP establishment and Mr. Paul seem to have found a way to satisfy their interests and present a more united front. For the congressman, the friendly relations could pay dividends for another Paul thought to harbor White House ambitions—the congressman’s son, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky.

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