New Sorkin series on HBO too liberal even for ... The New Yorker

But Sorkin beats conservatives over the head with contempt so much on the show that even the television critic for the culturally elite New Yorker actually found herself “rooting” for the main character’s enemies, “all those flyover morons, venal bean-counters, sorority girls, and gun-toting bimbos.”

Yes, you read that right.

“’The Newsroom’ gets so bad so quickly that I found my jaw dropping,” according to New Yorker television critic Emily Nussbaum.

Despite Sorkin stuffing his shows with “liberal verities about diversity,” “The Newsroom” only “features three people of color” and one of those characters, an Indian staffer, is lazily portrayed as “the Indian stereotype of an I.T. guy,” referred to as “Punjab,” and is treated with “condescension.”

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