"We should stop fooling ourselves. This is not a revolution."

Abou Adhma has surrendered. He works as a poll representative for Shafiq, the candidate his friends consider certain to preserve the old system but who he has decided can at least keep stability.

“It is impossible now to get rid of them. How can we? There is layer after layer of them,” he said to shouts of protest from his friends. “Shafiq will win anyway.”

“We might as well just get ourselves used to it again. The country is going down the drain. We should try to save what is left of it,” he said. “There is no revolution and no one will be able to do this again. No one will go to the square again.”…

“A revolution meant we should have gotten rid of the entire old regime immediately,” he went on. “We should have hanged those security officers and had revolutionary courts. We did none of this.”

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