Taliban commander protests U.S. drone strikes -- by halting polio vaccinations

“As long as drone strikes are not stopped in Waziristan there will be a ban on administering polio jabs,” a statement released by Bahadar’s group said, according to The News.

“No one will have the right to complain about damage in case of any violation …. Polio campaigns are also used to spy for America against the mujahideen (holy warriors), one example of which is Dr. Shakil Afridi,” the statement continued.

Bahadar has objected to the US drone strikes in the past. On Nov. 12, Bahadar suspended meetings with the government and threatened to attack the Pakistani state if it continued to allow the US to conduct attacks in areas under his control.

Bahadar follows in the footsteps of Mullah Fazlullah, the commander of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan’s faction in Swat who has ordered a ban on polio vaccinations. Fazlullah claimed the anti-polio campaign was a Western plot to sterilize Muslims.

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