Shhh: WH quietly removes Obama boasts from other presidential bios; Update: Or not

In May, several folks took note that the White House’s web site had quietly added USA Today-style factoids promoting Obama’s accomplishments at the bottom of the biographies of other presidents, Democrat and Republican alike. The discovery caused a small flurry of negative publicity and a parody Tumblr by the GOP. (Which, disappointingly, they did not sustain. They finally did something actually funny and sharp with viral potential, but they couldn’t stick with it.)

But as quietly as the Obama boasts appeared, they have been removed. The bullet points are now gone from all the biographies on the White House’s website.

Update (AP): Hold the phone, the boasts are still there. Reason adds this update:

“CORRECTION: I need my eyes checked. The Obama infoboxes are still there, but they appear to have been redesigned to look less like part of the other presidents’ biographies. My apologies for the temporary blindness.”