Conservatives can come on Joy Behar's new show "if they have the balls"

TC: Do you plan on having any conservatives on your show?

JB: I will. If they have the balls to come on the show. I don’t mean to overuse the word balls, especially when I’m speaking to you and your gorgeous jacket. But, if they have the chutzpah to come on my show then I’d be happy to talk to them. I’m very interested to hear both sides of the story. I used to have great conversations with Ann Coulter, really funny, crazy conversations, and you know, I look forward to that sort of thing. She can come on as well for me, and I’m sure she’d love to come on!…

JB: I’d love to have President Obama on, number one, he knows I’m a big fan. I don’t expect him to come on because he’s a busy man. I’d love to have Joe Biden, I love Joe Biden very much. Um, I’d love to have Abraham Lincoln on, I think he’d have a lot to say. Let’s see, Gandhi, Jesus, Joan of Arc [laughs], you asked me to name dead people and live people. In the living quarter, though, I’d like to have Marty Frank, Ellen Barkin, and Jane Fonda, Al Frankin, Senator Al Frankin I’d love to have him on. See, he’s a perfect example of someone who started out as a comedian, look where he ended up!

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