"The marshals don't give up looking for anybody"

The escape from Alcatraz is the marshal’s sixth-oldest case. The other five are also prison escapes, from the 1950s. Dyke says the marshals need proof of death, or the fugitives have to turn 99 — a little tip if you end up on the run.

Morris and the Anglins are only in their mid-80s.

When asked if he thinks they’ll show up, Dyke says, “I don’t think so.” And if they did? “I would arrest them.”

It’s hard to imagine they would come just to be handcuffed — or that someone would prosecute them if they did. Nonviolent bank robbers from half a century ago? Morris’ first criminal charge was for stealing food after his parents either died or abandoned him. He was sent to prison when he was 14.

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