New Obama fundraising e-mail: "We got beat"

This is a bizarre email, to say the least. Obama’s greatest edge in his re-election campaign is his aura of inevitability. For months, we’ve been hearing about Obama’s phenomenal fundraising machine, his invincible on-the-ground team. And this week, that aura took a pounding. In Wisconsin, a self-proclaimed “dry run” for the Democratic National Committee and its union allies, Scott Walker pulled out a landslide victory (at least, landslide by the media’s normal standards – Walker won by the same percentage as President Obama did in 2008). And Mitt Romney did indeed outraise Obama by a significant margin.

And so the Obama campaign is playing the victim. This seems to be their comfort zone – hence all their campaign materials calling for supporters to “get Barack’s back,” as though voters are Secret Service agents and opponents are John Malkovich types looking for a clean shot. Hence Obama’s self-pitying statements about how Congress simply hasn’t cooperated with him.

Now, they’re crying poverty, despite the fact that independent union expenditures will undoubtedly shape up to hundreds of millions of dollars in support of Obama’s re-election. The notion that your $3 is all that stands between Obama and the plutocracy, represented by Mitt Romney, ignores reality.