Hillary supporters already pushing for 2016

Regardless of Hillary Clinton’s own deliberations, the fact that three such high-profile people seem to want her to run for president four years from now is significant. After all, if everybody around you is pressuring you to do something, it becomes much harder to resist.

And another presidential campaign makes a lot of sense for Clinton.

Though she would be one of the oldest major party nominees in history (assuming she won the Democratic nod), there has really never been a better time for her to run.

She’s basically the most popular female public figure — if not public figure, period — in the country, with about two-thirds of Americans viewing her favorably (comparable to Michelle Obama). And she’s got the kind of résumé most presidential candidates would kill for, as a former first lady, senator from New York and successful secretary of state looking to become the first female president…

“No one knows — least of all Hillary — if she will run,” said a top 2008 aide granted anonymity to speak candidly. “When the time comes, she will think about it, obviously. Why anyone would bring it up now? People just can’t resist trying to be the first with the answer.”

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