Out: Botox. In: "Bro-tox"?

“It was like I was 26 one day, and then I woke up and I was in my 40s,” Pelham said. “Some of the things weren’t looking the same way they used to.”

To give himself a boost in the job market, Pelham turned to Dr. Jeffrey Adelglass at Skintastic, and a popular treatment usually given to women. “Brotox, if you will, is probably where mani/pedis were 10 years ago,” Pelham said.

He had several treatments of botox and fillers around his face to help revitalize his look. And, he’s not alone. Dr. Adelglass says “brotox” business is exploding as older men turn to cosmetic procedures to help them face-off with younger competitors –– especially when hunting for new jobs.