The Pauls are building a libertarian machine

Indeed, unlike many political figures, the Pauls have demonstrated a capacity to lead their armies to other politicians — and by doing so, into the Republican coalition. This is how the Ron Paul movement is staving off a bleak period after Paul’s imminent retirement: handing over the reins to a set of younger politicians with similarly libertarian views. The Pauls have thrown their lot in with many candidates around the country, some by directly contributing resources or helping to fundraise, some by a simple endorsement.

“Congressman and Senator Paul are both deeply dedicated to helping elect principled Constitutionalists to office and are both working directly and indirectly with dozens of candidates across the country,” said Paul campaign manager Jesse Benton.

A few high-profile candidates, like Ted Cruz in Texas, have been particularly successful at profiting from the Paul anointment. Father and son appeared with him at a rally in Texas and conducted a moneybomb for him. And recent polling suggests Cruz will make it into a runoff with Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst in July, a scenario many believes favors the outsider.

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