Six things not to do to end abortion

Condemning post-abortive women.

Post-abortive women have some of the most powerful testimonies in favor of life that we could ever imagine. They know firsthand how abortion tears families apart, how a simple “choice” lingers with you the rest of your life. Ask women like former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson, or women like my friend Jewels Green, or any of the men and women who speak up from Silent No More Awareness or Rachel’s Vineyard about trying to find healing after an abortion. It’s traumatic. It’s often repressed.

I used to be one of those pro-lifers who despised post-abortive women, outwardly. I thought they were selfish and lazy. But I’ve learned that if these women heard nothing but the things I used to say, there would be no hope of their finding healing or coming forth with their stories in hopes other women won’t make the lethal mistakes they did.

Post-abortive women are human beings, and they need to be treated like it. Their testimonies can save other women from a lifetime of regret and can save babies’ lives.