Coalition airstrike kills Al Qaeda's second in command in Afghanistan

Sakhr al Taifi, a Saudi al Qaeda leader who was also known as Musthaq and Nasim, and another unnamed al Qaeda fighter were killed in the May 28 airstrike in the Watahpur district Kunar, the International Security Assistance Force stated in a press release. ISAF had initially said yesterday that it targeted an al Qaeda leader and killed two “insurgents” in the strike. Another al Qaeda leader was targeted the same day in the Dangam district, however it is not known if he was killed in the airstrike.

Al Taifi was the terror group’s “second highest leader in Afghanistan, responsible for commanding foreign insurgents, in addition to directing attacks against Coalition and Afghan forces,” ISAF said.

He “traveled between Afghanistan and Pakistan, carrying out commands from senior al-Qaeda leadership,” ISAF continued. Additionally, Al Saifi provided weapons and equipment to “insurgents” based in eastern Afghanistan, and moved “insurgent fighters into Afghanistan.”