The unbearable ingratitude of Meghan McCain

In the basement of his home the day after Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States, the late Andrew Breitbart launched his Big empire with Big Hollywood, and one of the first people he invited to join our merry little team as a contributor was Meghan McCain. I know this for a fact because I traded emails with Ms. McCain so she could join our live-blog of that year’s Academy Awards. — which she did. This reality doesn’t quite compute with her inference last night on MSNBC that hateful extremists like Andrew Breitbart are part of the reason she feels unwelcome in the Republican party. …

As she did last night, Ms. McCain can cry on MSNBC’s shoulders about being a martyr to moderate Republicanism all she wants, even as she ignores the fact that there are plenty of moderate Republicans secure in the fold — including the new leader of our party, Mitt Romney.

Ms. McCain’s problem isn’t her politics or her stance on same-sex marriage, her problem is that she’s not a very nice person.