Ron Johnson: Every member of Wisconsin legislature was threatened while union debate raged

“The story really wasn’t told properly — we had every member of the state legislature get an email that said, ‘We’re going to put a bullet in your head. We know where you and your family lives.’ Now, that wasn’t reported very well because I guess that’s not newsworthy when it’s a union thug making a threat against a conservative.”

Johnson told The Daily Caller that the high level of intimidation and political divisiveness in Wisconsin is due to Walker’s fight to reign in spending pushed by public sector unions.

“Scott Walker did a hard thing — he actually solved a problem, and he did it in a way that recognized and addressed one of the growing problems here, and that is really the power of the public sector unions and, I would say, the unholy alliance between elected officials that get supported by those unions and the unions themselves,” Johnson told TheDC.

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