"They had a little dog with them, they were out there yelling"

Jennifer Wishon: “A moment ago, you mentioned pushing people off the boat, you actually helped rescue some folks who were in the water in New Hampshire. It’s not something that you often talk about, but I wonder if you could share a little bit about what happened, and what that meant to you?”

Mitt Romney: “Well, you know when you’re on the water, things can be a little dangerous. And apparently a family and friends were going across Lake Winnipesaukee in NewHampshire and something happened in the drive shaft of their boat, it was a classic wooden boat, and suddenly it began filling with water. It broke a hole in the bottom, filled with water, sunk quickly. They had a little dog with them, they were out there yelling, but it was dark and they couldn’t be seen and boats would go by, but the boats were so loud that they couldn’t hear people yelling. But we were by the shore, and we heard some people screaming and we went down to the beach, and I asked my son could he see anything, and he said, you know, I think there’s something out there. And so we got on a couple of Wave Runners, these little Jet Skis that we had, and went out to the center of the lake. It was, I don’t know, a quarter of a mile or so out there, and sure enough there was a group of people that was struggling to take care of their dog and also get to shore, and we were able to load them up with a few trips and take them back and forth to shore, and get them cared for. That’s the sort of thing that happens, of course, we have to watch out for one another.”