The secret 2012 swing demographic: Asian-Americans?

A large proportion of the Asian American vote is up for grabs in the 2012 election, according to a new poll. While President Obama leads Republican Mitt Romney by a wide margin — 59 percent to 13 percent — impressions of Romney remain largely unformed, and both Democrats and Republicans have work to do with this potentially important but often overlooked voting demographic.

Obama was strongest among Indian American voters, leading Romney by a margin of 76 to 8 percent in the poll, and weakest among Filipino Americans, where the vote was 57 percent to 20 percent. Among Chinese Americans, it was 68 percent for Obama, 8 percent for Romney.

The large proportion of undecided voters suggests there’s room for both parties to grow with the Asian American vote, yet those surveyed said the parties aren’t doing much to engage them.