The return of Occupy Wall Street

If the protest fails, it won’t be for lack of planning. At a media-focused planning meeting on Saturday evening, the diehard group of New York occupiers who have stuck with the movement (and arguably are the movement) since the beginning spent nearly four hours talking strategy for May Day. Every minute of the day has been allotted, and the schedule for was recently released online. From the first picket to the last march, the activities will require an intense level of coordination and communication between teams spread out around New York City. Hours were spent talking about how to do this on Saturday, in the basement of Judson Memorial Church in downtown Manhattan…

“Each picket actually doesn’t need that many people,” Carrié said. “Just enough for a presence at each of these targets in the matrix.”

The pickets, many of which are expected to include some union workers, will target places like Sotheby’s, Target, a number of bank branches, and the St. Giles Hotel.

From Bryant Park, occupiers (plus the “Guitarmy”) plan an unpermitted march from Bryant Park to Union Square, where a rally featuring the Rage Against the Machine frontman and hip-hop acts Immortal Technique and Das Racist is scheduled for late afternoon. The rally has been cleared with the city, occupiers say, but the march has not, almost certainly guaranteeing a forceful police response.

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