Bad news: Larry Flynt voting for Obama after all

In a subsequent April 2011 letter to Obama, he wrote, “As it stands, you can no longer count on any of the groups that supported your Presidential bid last time around.”

But despite his disappointment with Obama on civil liberties issues, on ending foreign wars, on health care reform and on extending the Bush-era tax cuts, Larry Flynt is prepared to change his mind.

“I think Romney will win,” Flynt told TheDC, before hastily correcting himself. “Wait — I mean I think Obama will win, and I’m going to vote for him.”

Asked if he was dissatisfied with Obama’s performance as president, Flynt said Obama “has fallen far short in many ways,” mentioning the extension of the Patriot Act and “the way he’s dealt with Congress.”

But Flynt said it’s important “to consider the lesser of two evils.”

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