Why does the Internet prefer cats to dogs?

1. It’s the culture
Through various lucky accidents, cat stuff started to permeate Internet culture pretty early on, and dogs often found themselves imitating rather than innovating in the field. Cheezburger.com (and yes, sure, 4chan, etc., but let’s try to stay focused) certainly has an important role to play in this story, with the introduction to the wider Web of those semi-literate feline sensations the LOLcats, who at this point even your mom has heard of. And while Happy Cat — of whom your mom is also, arguably, at least tangentially aware — is still the most popular image on Cheezburger, according to the site’s Editor in Chief, Emily Huh, the most popular post on sister (dog-themed) site I Has A Hot Dog has nowhere near the same traction, either in terms of Facebook shares or in the annals of Internet culture as a whole.

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