The youth vote: WH officials visited more than 130 schools in past year

“What you have is very sophisticated effort [by the administration] to use every means possible and every appointed official possible,” Generation Opportunity president Paul Conway told The Daily Caller. However, he added, the group’s surveys show that “people will vote on their record in office, not their charisma.” Conway worked as an appointee in the Department of Labor during the previous administration.

The visits were all considered official visits, but they also helped the Obama administration reach out to a critical segment of their base.

But Obama’s progressive policies are unpopular with many youths, said Conway. “Just 31 percent of 18- 29-year-olds approve of Obama’s handling of youth unemployment … [and] 59 percent of overall Millennials agree the economy grows best when individuals are allowed to create businesses without government interference,” according to an April 2011 Generation Opportunity poll.

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