Immigration hawks to Romney: Don't cave

“Any reversal on these positions would destroy his credibility, alienate conservative American voters who outnumber Latino voters, and exert the same pressures on Mitt Romney that destroyed John McCain and Rick Perry’s campaigns,” said William Gheen, the head of the anti-illegal immigration group ALIPAC. “Not only would a Romney shift on immigration hurt him among Americans concerned about illegal immigration but it would signal that he cannot be trusted on any issue or topic whatsoever.”…

“It should be expected with him,” Tancredo told The Hill. “It’s not as if he’s a guy with a deep philosophical commitment one way or the other … there’s nothing you can count on including any philosophical roadmap for his presidency. I don’t have any idea what he’ll do, and I’m not sure he does.”

Tancredo said that any version of the DREAM Act is “simply wrong.”

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