Don't ruin Marco Rubio by associating him with Romney

What Coulter let escape from her assessment is that the potential liability of bringing Rubio onto the ticket for Romney cuts both ways (perhaps she would have been more open to admitting this in the days when she preached unity behind Christie, else “we’ll end up with Romney and we will lose).” Rubio is bright, charismatic, passionate, and, from all appearances, honest. In other words, Rubio is everything that Mitt Romney is not, and associating with Romney puts everything there is to like about Rubio in doubt. If Marco Rubio is so charismatic, what is he doing as subordinate to a guy who can’t even properly compliment a cookie? If he is so steadfast in his beliefs, why do Republicans think he should be second fiddle to the Father of Romneycare (and by proxy, grandfather of Obamacare, a program he disowns)?

Republicans will poo-poo this train of thought, however, because they are banking on Romney to win. A quick look at the polls shows that there is no reason not to doubt the possibility of Romney winning. But winning won’t erase any of these problems with Romney’s resume. In fact, given the compromises heads of state must often make, being president will likely enhance the reputation Romney has for having no true convictions or passions aside from power. Even if Romney does end up rehabilitating his conservative street cred, he would still end up being the least exciting presidential personality since Millard Fillmore– once again, the antithesis of everything that makes Rubio a compelling leader. Running with four years of being second in command to the guy who can’t even commit on the idea that these pancakes are delicious is serious baggage compared to the possibility of a Romney-free Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio in 2016– the Senator potentially behind making the DREAM Act work and, given the increasingly rapid dissolution of the regime in his parents’ home country, possibly one of the most influential figures in the rehabilitation of the Cuban state. 2016 is a long time away, and many great things can happen in Sen. Rubio’s career, none of which are possible while holding a job the current incumbent admits he does absolutely nothing in.

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