This campaign has been a disaster for Newt Gingrich

The Fox News contributor gig is no longer, having been suspended when Gingrich became a candidate, and quietly canceled thereafter. Relations between Gingrich and the cable channel have notably soured. Recently, Gingrich told a Delaware Tea Party group that he felt the network had exhibited a bias against him, accusing it of “distortion”; the network fired back with a biting statement: “He’s still bitter over the termination of his contributor contract.” It seems safe to say that bridge, for Gingrich, has been burned.

The policy and consulting enterprise Gingrich helmed is similarly on the rocks. American Solutions for Winning the Future, his major nonprofit, shut down last August, and the Gingrich Group, his for-profit advocacy shop, filed for bankruptcy in Georgia earlier this month. Together, the two entities had grossed more than $100 million over the course of a decade, according to Bloomberg. Now, thanks to Gingrich’s quest for the presidency, they are defunct.

Gingrich’s campaign, nearly $4.5 million in debt, has stooped to renting out its donor and email list for money. On Tuesday, people who’d signed up on Gingrich’s presidential website received, under the heading “A special offer for Newt’s supporters,” an advertisement from LifeLock, an identity-protection company. “Special Offer for Newt Gingrich Fans!” the email said. “30 Days Free + 10% Off LifeLock Membership.”

Even Gingrich’s last book was outsold by the patriotic children’s book penned by his wife, Callista, which features an elephant named Ellis.

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