What I want people to take away from my exchange with Bob Beckel

The rest will live on thanks to Twitter, YouTube and the like. Unfortunately, the reaction will focus on his use of the f-word. It’s a shame that a single word will drown out the many words of the HHS report on Head Start.

I’m not offended by Bob’s language so much as I am concerned with the egregious waste of taxpayer dollars that Head Start and other big-government programs represent.

When President Lyndon Johnson announced the creation of the Head Start program in the Rose Garden of the White House on May 18, 1965, he said: “We have taken up the age-old challenge of poverty and we don’t intend to lose generations of our children to this enemy of the human race.”

We should know by now that Johnson’s war on poverty has been a failure, and that big-government programs foster dependency and dysfunction. We should instead commit to ending poverty through pro-growth policies that actually work.

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