"Hiring managers see Fox News on your resumé and say, ‘This guy’s a conservative. This guy’s a nut.'"

At the outset, Muto seemed very confident about his mission, but as time went on he began to realize that he was not very good at keeping his identity hidden, which is how Fox was able to track him down and fire him so quickly. Kurtz noted that Fox is currently considering taking legal action against Muto, which he dismissed as “completely baseless.” Then Kurtz went down the list of tidbits that Muto made public on Gawker, including the less-than-pleasant work environment and a video clip of Sean Hannity palling around with Mitt Romney before an interview. He told Muto that the information he was providing “didn’t seem to amount to all that much.”

Muto said his original plan was to leak out information in bits and pieces, but chose not to give any indication as to what his upcoming features on Gawker will be. Kurtz asked Muto why it was only now that he started to stand up to his now-former employer.

“If you felt so uncomfortable with your situation at Fox News, why stay there and draw a paycheck for eight years?”