"She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen"

‘Yes, I can be jealous I have got friends who say: “Your wife is beautiful” and I have no problem with that. But if someone in the street will whistle or make a gesture then . . .’

A pause. Yes?

‘I will break his legs. C’est ma femme.’

He continues: ‘But men know not to do it, to flirt with my wife. It has only happened once and the man understood straight away.

‘People see my look and they stop, they understand. You look at her — I have a face that tells them they need to stop.’

Pascal confirms that Sam attracts jealousy from other women.

‘Yes, I have seen a woman behave in a jealous manner towards Sam. We were at a party and a man put his arm around Sam in greeting and this other woman pushed Sam away and said, you have no place here.’