Romney is no one's apprentice, baby

Right now, China is cleaning America’s clock. The Chinese are building the world’s largest airports, biggest ports, a powerful military and the best of everything. And we’re paying for it all by purchasing their products. We’re buying everything they make because they keep their currency artificially low, giving them an annual windfall of some $250 billion. They are holding the yuan at a level at which it is impossible for us to compete.

Mitt Romney not only understands all this, he has thought through the policies we need to begin to set things right. Unless China changes direction, he has pledged to have the Treasury Department designate China as a currency manipulator on Day One of his administration. We can then impose duties on China’s unfairly priced products. The Chinese will get the message faster than an ICBM. As Mitt has said, “We don’t want a trade war, but neither can we accept our current trade surrender.”…

True, Mitt Romney does have his shortcomings: He’s never built a Mitt Romney Tower in New York City or 12 Mitt Romney championship golf courses. Not everyone can be a Donald Trump. However, over the course of Mitt’s distinguished career, he has built other kinds of enduring monuments of accomplishment that have earned my highest regard. Mitt Romney is no one’s apprentice; he’s fully ready to step into the nation’s top job as the next president of the United States.