Surprise: Obama gives rich Dems green light to start donating to his Super PAC

President Obama is signaling to wealthy Democratic donors that he wants them to start contributing to an outside group supporting his re-election, reversing a long-held position as he confronts a deep financial disadvantage on a vital front in the campaign.

Aides said the president had signed off on a plan to dispatch cabinet officials, senior advisers at the White House and top campaign staff members to make clear to donors that they should support Priorities USA Action, the leading Democratic “super PAC,” whose fund-raising has been dwarfed by Republican groups. The new policy was presented to the campaign’s National Finance Committee in a call Monday evening and was set to be announced Tuesday.

“We’re not going to fight this fight with one hand tied behind our back,” said Jim Messina, the manager of Mr. Obama’s re-election campaign. “With so much at stake, we can’t allow for two sets of rules. Democrats can’t be unilaterally disarmed.”…

The president will not attend fund-raising events, they said, but several members of his inner circle from the West Wing and his Chicago campaign headquarters have been designated to deliver speeches about the re-election effort. The intent is to imply his blessing for Priorities USA Action, which is run by Bill Burton and Sean Sweeney.

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