A truce between Boehner and Cantor

Tensions had gotten so bad between the two offices that senior aides decided, for the good of the party and their own bosses, that the rivalry has to be toned down.

The interoffice tensions were so prominent that elected Republican lawmakers were chafing at the public and private tribulations of the ongoing Boehner-Cantor drama — one GOP lawmaker stood up and complained about it in a recent closed-door meeting of House Republicans — and the two operations came to the realization that the constant sparring between their camps could hurt both lawmakers politically.

One top House staffer described the tense relationship as having “reached the breaking point.”…

When Boehner and Cantor hold their once-a-week session, they do it without any aides present because they could not agree on who would be allowed to attend.

“It’s gotten totally corrosive,” said a K Street Republican close to the House leadership. “It can get pretty dangerous when everyone is out for themselves.”