Doesn't Palin realize that Gingrich can't beat Obama?

There is no way that someone whose biggest issues in this cycle have been: combating “crony capitalism,” promoting “life,” beating Obama and overturning Obamacare, could possibly really favor the guy who got paid $1.6 million by Freddie Mac to be an “historian,” has zero chance to win the election, and had been in favor of a federal healthcare mandate for twenty years, especially when Mr. Pro-life (with a special needs child, no less) Rick Santorum is still viably in the race. It just makes absolutely no sense.

This brings me to my most important and surely controversial point regarding Palin’s latest attempt to endorse Newt without actually saying the magic words.

Could someone please tell me what her personal incentive is for President Obama to be defeated?

I would suggest that there is absolutely none.