Hannity to Malkin: Why are you criticizing our candidates so much?

I honestly wasn’t expecting Hannity to go after Michelle Malkin of all people on his show. It was almost like her critique of the SOTU was just a ruse to get her on there to ask her about her ‘lack of support’ for the four remaining candidates.

Now if you follow Malkin, you know she is holding her nose like many of us, especially when the candidates start attacking each other using lefty tactics. And it’s clear, even in her explanation below, that she is focused on their character and the principles they profess vs the ones they actually use when dealing with the ins and outs of the campaign trail.

So the point is that I completely understand why Malkin is waiting this process out. In fact it’s the same reason that most of us haven’t endorsed someone. Not even I have done so, though it may look as of late that I’ve been on the Newt bandwagon. And I kinda have been. But I still stand by my original idea, that I am supporting conservatism over a candidate. If Newt falls and Santorum picks up steam and starts winning, I’m totally happy with that.