Florida: Romney 36, Gingrich 34 -- but Newt is surging

Surging since his South Carolina Republican presidential primary win, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich wipes out a 12-point lead by Mitt Romney to tie the former Massachusetts governor in Florida, according to a Quinnipiac University poll release today. The final tally is 36 percent for Romney to 34 percent for Gingrich among likely voters in the Florida Republican presidential primary, but Gingrich gets 40 percent to 34 percent for Romney among likely voters surveyed after the South Carolina primary…

Likely GOP primary voters give Romney the lead 47 – 30 percent on that measure. Romney leads Gingrich 29 – 20 percent on who best shares voters’ values and 33 – 17 percent on being trustworthy.

But voters say 43 – 37 percent that Gingrich is a strong leader and 50 – 31 percent that he has the knowledge and experience to be president. Voters say 49 – 35 percent that Romney is better able to defeat President Barack Obama in November. By 52 – 44 percent, likely voters say they prefer a candidate who can defeat President Obama over one who shares their values.