Newt Gingrich's big, slobbering mutual love affair with the elite media

Gingrich loves the press. In some respects we are, as John McCain famously noted, his “base”. He craves the media. I’ve never seen a man so happy as Gingrich was when he ambled into the spin room in Myrtle Beach last Monday night and about 200 of us swarmed around him hanging on his every word.

Romney would have rather been anywhere else in the world than that in the middle of that heaving, sweaty scrum. But Newt was in pure heaven. He loves the game.

And it’s mutual. The press laps up all things Newt. Like him, we thrive on chaos. He’s a walking quote machine. You never know what he’ll say next and he can’t resist answering a question or engaging with a reporter. Just as every Romney event seems basically the same, every Gingrich event is different.