Gingrich Super PAC gets another $5 million from Sheldon Adelson

This month, the Adelsons sent their first $5 million wire transfer to Winning Our Future, a “super PAC” backing Gingrich’s campaign. The organization is one of a new genre of campaign committees that can legally accept donations of unlimited amounts — like the $10 million now donated from the Adelsons.

A Supreme Court decision spawned new rules allowing “independent” political committees to solicit funds from individuals, unions and corporations for campaign purposes, provided the donors’ identities are disclosed. The additional $5 million contribution from the Adelsons was first reported Monday by Jon Ralston, a columnist for the Las Vegas Sun.

A source close to the Adelsons told the Tribune/Los Angeles Times Washington bureau Monday evening that the latest $5 million transfer was signed by Miriam Adelson, while the last one was signed by Sheldon. The funds come from a joint account.