An open letter to Governor Perry

Welcome back to Texas, Governor! You got into this race to provide American conservatives with a choice in the Presidential race. We asked for a proven leader and you stepped up. Five months ago I hoped to be looking at a very different race than we are today but it wasn’t in the cards.

The silver lining in this race for me (most texans really) has always been that we either got to have you serve as President, or you came back to finish out your four year term as governor of our great state. It’s the rest of the country that lost out.

Even as you return to Texas, you have something to prove. Liberals and moderates have already set to work laying out their narrative for the next two years…and, big surprise, it involves you being a lame duck Governor. There is nothing they would enjoy more than the opportunity to sideline your conservative influence and they will do everything within their power to achieve that end. I expect more from you than that and have no doubt that you will prove me right.