White House warns left: You're not going to like our new budget

Administration officials have kept the details of the budget largely secret. One of the few specifics to leak is a 0.5 percent pay increase for federal workers. The budget will be submitted to Congress early next month.

Senior administration officials have reassured union leaders that the Department of Labor, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Mine Safety Health Administration, will be spared from the toughest cuts. The administration will also seek to preserve funding for the National Labor Relations Board, according to sources familiar with the discussions…

Liberal groups are pleased that the president has indicated he will shift away from the discussion of deficits and spending cuts that last year overshadowed the jobs agenda they preferred to emphasize.

“We’ve seen the pendulum go back and forth between deficits and jobs,” said one liberal advocate. “We want the president to focus on jobs and economic security and went away feeling confident the president will do that.”