The 10 most hated companies in America

The following are 24/7 Wall St.’s Most Hated Companies for 2011, in no particular order.

1. Facebook
Facebook currently has more than 800 million users. Any company of this size is sure to have some detractors. Compared to other leading social media sites, however, Facebook has the lowest customer satisfaction score from the American Customer Satisfaction Index. The site has repeatedly irked users by neglecting personal privacy. Notable events include the introduction of facial recognition software — which spurred an investigation by the European Union — and the Facebook timeline. Facebook received significant negative press for forcing new settings on users that change how their personal information is shared with others. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has only recently said that the company will no longer do this. According to the MSN Money-IBOPE Zogby International customer service survey for 2011, 25.9 percent of Facebook users described the company’s customer service as “poor” — the lowest rating.