Hmmm: Gingrich avoids Bain attacks -- in SC town affected by Bain

A day after saying he wouldn’t back down on criticizing Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital, Newt Gingrich visited a town allegedly affected by Bain, and did not mention Romney or Bain at all, instead talking about the importance of bringing manufacturing back to South Carolina.

In a town hall meeting at Land’s End Restaurant in Georgetown, a town which Gingrich’s “super PAC,” Winning Our Future, used to criticize Bain for taking over a steel plant that then went bankrupt, Gingrich called on conservative voters to rally around him…

In Gaffney, a town where Bain bought a photo album manufacturing plant in the 1980s, which then laid off 150 workers, there is now a Nestle factory and a Timkin plant, which makes ball bearings. Main Street, while not bustling, still has bars, restaurants, and shops, and many locals asked about Bain and the manufacturing company say they didn’t even know one had been shut down there.

“Things like that happen in business,” said Jamie Grindstaff, who owns a printing shop and bookstore in Gaffney. “I’m disappointed in the Republican candidates for bashing people who participate in capitalism.”