The greatest quarterback of all time

Stick with me for another moment: Rodgers has thrown 132 career touchdown passes against just 38 interceptions, a ratio of 3.5 touchdowns per pick; his idol, Joe Montana, averaged just under two TDs for every interception (273/139). Rodgers did not throw for the most yards of any passer in the league this year: that was New Orleans’s Drew Brees, but that’s only because Rodgers was able to put away most of the Green Bay Packers’ opponents with fewer passes. (The Packers are 15-1 this season and play the New York Giants in the second round of the playoffs today.)

Not only is Rodgers the greatest ever, he may just be getting started. He has now won four straight games in the postseason, including a 31–25 victory over Pittsburgh in last year’s Super Bowl, and it seems highly unlikely that anyone is going to stop him this year. Face it: even if you don’t follow the sport all season, he’s the main reason you’re going to be watching for the next couple of Sundays.

To Packers fans, he is the genuine hero that sexting king Brett Favre only pretended to be. To fans around the country, his All-American visage with its five o’clock shadow is more appealing than Tom Brady’s “Good Guy in a Lifetime Movie” persona. And yet … what do you know—really know—about Aaron Rodgers?

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