No, a brokered convention isn't happening

For there to be a brokered convention, Paul and another GOP candidate would likely have to stay in the race till the end to keep stealing delegates from Romney. Not only would they have to convince voters that they are still worth voting for, but they would have to beg them for money to stay afloat. And that’s tough.

What’s more, Romney’s campaign pointed out Tuesday that many of his opponents have failed to qualify for some contests — the latest being Jon Huntsman in Arizona, but also everyone but Paul and Romney in Virginia — or haven’t maximized the number of delegates they can win in a states like Tennessee and Illinois because they didn’t file for a whole slate of delegates. All of this will help Romney win more delegates…

While states can’t go completely winner-take-all before April, they can still allot delegates by congressional district, and that means Romney can still run up some really big margins in some big states.

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