Hey, maybe Romney's the new Reagan

So Republicans need to stop whining, “If we only had another Reagan who could easily beat Obama like Reagan did Carter.” But some forget that the Reagan of 1980 morphed into the Reagan we revere today, just as Romney has the potential to morph into the Reagan conservative today’s conservatives are so desperately seeking. And I believe he will, if elected.

Then a Romney Revolution will be our last chance to turn our ship of state around, securing our place as the greatest nation for good and the world’s leading economic engine.

“Let Reagan be Reagan” was a favorite line I recall from that era. So now let Romney be Romney. Let him manage and lead the way. Let him attract moderates and not repel them. Let him rise above what in 2011 has been sometimes an embarrassing Republican reality show. Then, with the nomination secured, Mitt Romney will defeat President Obama and develop into that Reagansque leader Republicans are longing for and America needs.