"The only reason I’m supporting Romney is because he can win the election"

“We also have to have someone who can post up against President Obama on the economy, who knows the economy, who has credibility on the economy, and I do,” Romney continued. “It’s where I spent my life. I understand America because I’ve lived America — I’ve lived the American Dream — and I want to be able to bring the promise of America to all of our people and make sure that we send President Obama back to his hometown, where he can go back and learn what it’s like to work in the private sector.”…

“The only reason I’m supporting Romney is because he can win the election,” said Tim McCleary, 52, a mobile home park owner who said he came around to Romney in the past few days after watching last week’s debate. “The sad reality is I’m a fairly conservative person, but you have to send them out east.”

Pat Sheets, 69, a retired school principal, joined McCleary and scores of other area Republicans in lining up before dawn at the coffee shop to see Romney.

“He’s one of my top two – him and Newt,” Sheets said, referring to former House speaker Newt Gingrich. “We aren’t sure if Newt can win….I think Romney is the person most likely to beat Obama – and, in my opinion, that’s the top objective. Newt has a lot of baggage. I like what Newt says, but I don’t want to waste my vote on somebody who can’t actually win.”