Romney's electability

We already know that, barring events almost impossible to conceive, all of the “Not-Romneys” will get beaten, perhaps badly, by Obama. The narratives have already been written, minus the minor details and the final score.

Newt can’t suddenly unload his massive baggage, Paul can’t change the fact that he isn’t at least a bit nuts, Perry can’t delete his “Oops” moment and the parallels to Bush 43, Bachmann can’t get rid of her “crazy eyes” or her gender,Huntsman can’t pretend he doesn’t despise the base, and Santorum can’t erase his statements on gays from Google or suddenly find some gravitas.

Anyone who doesn’t accept the doomed reality of the “Not Romneys” is simply either ignorant of the modern realities of presidential politics or just delusional.

Romney might lose too, but at least the conclusion is not yet written in stone.