Seriously, why should anyone trust the federal government on anything?

On issue after issue, the Obama administration has made it clear that they believe they know better than the average American. We should just turn our lives over to them and trust them to make decisions for us.

No doubt we all make mistakes in our lives. But in the last few years, we’ve seen the government invade a country that turned out not to have weapons of mass destruction, ran up $15 trillion in debt, all but bankrupted Medicare and Social Security and nudged us toward a housing bubble that nearly brought down the economy. Should we really trust a government that thought shipping guns to Mexican drug lords and giving $535 million to a money-losing solar panel company were good ideas?

In fact, that will ultimately be the big question in next year’s elections. Whom do you trust to run your life, yourself or the self-appointed experts from the government? And that’s not rocket science.